2018---------As many of our friends and collectors know, we have been selling a majority of our very large collection of 1,000+ pieces over the past 4 years. We still have 100 major and rare pieces besides plates, cups, bowls and more common items. To learn what we have available, please contact us at 860-435-0088 or rtn.hoby@snet.net OR simply look under "Museums Galleries" and find the "All Canton Forms Gallery" section. Then, click on the various forms that you are interested in and their availability will be shown. If you buy multiple pieces you will be entitled to a discount.

March-2014-----We took a trip to London in January and went to 5 museums. We found only one piece of Canton in the Victoria and Albert Museum and none at the British Museum though both have Chinese Export collections. Here is a picture of the Canton Ewer at the V&A (pardon the glass reflections):


We added a new Dresser Tray and a tiny Ginger Jar to the Museum. In the Fakes, Fantasies & Reproductions Gallery we added the following Fakes: square Tea Caddy, Cider Flagon, Bulbous Vase, and a pair of Bough Pots. Under Fantasy Items there is a Dish with 2 handle holes. In the Reproduction section there is a Bowl and Ginger Jar made circa 1980 marked "Old Canton Hand-Printed ©MANN" by Seymour Mann, Inc. a NYC company.

In the Museum Shop, 4 new Canton items were added, 7 pieces were reduced in price and 3 items added to the Attractive & Affordable section and 6 Nanking pieces were reduced.
Look for our ads announcing our museum in 4 antique trade papers starting in April. Lately, we have had visitors from around the world to the website and they have been enthusiastic in their comments:
"...was thrilled to be also referred to your virtual museum. Grandmother and Mom collected Canton, so we enjoy and use it every day, third generation. We seem to have been always on the hunt for fill ins over the years. Your website helps us immensely as collectors with comprehensive reference to shape, size, and relative rarity of form, affording the collector informed choice and and relative rarity of form, affording the collector informed choice and absolute confidence. Thank you so much for this education and how truly your hard work and devotion shows!!"             
"...your message, and especially your web site have made the last few days a very special experience."
"I'm going to take some time to brood over the huge plethora of pictures in the CCVM. I've already started to develop a wish list from cursorily paging through it--some pieces I didn't even know existed!"
We have enjoyed meeting and working closely with Canton collectors and we thank you so much for your strong support!
Just a reminder all items in the museum are for sale unless otherwise noted.
November-2013-----We took the summer and part of the fall off. We have recently added 5 forms or new variations to the All Canton Forms Gallery, they are: 1) a tiny Marmite to the two previously known 2) a very large 4-Loop Tray to 3 smaller ones 3) a new Quatrefoil Butter Pat variation 4) a magnificient Cider Jug with a spout cover but no strainer holes and 5) a Chamber Pot with a different loop knob. We are always interested in learning about and adding new forms or variations to this Virtual Museum. Feel free to contact us anytime for additions, site recommendations or criticisms.

June-2013-----We are proud to announce today that the Canton China Virtual Museum is now open to the publiic. The purpose of the Museum is to promote the enjoyment and collection of Canton. Please feel free to browse all the beautiful galleries and the Museum Shop and enjoy yourself.  All the Canton in the Museum is for sale. The preferred method for purchases is to contact us directly about what you might be interested in so we can explain the condition of items and their prices. There are a few categories in the Museum Shop that contain items for direct sale using a "shopping cart " system. Thank you for your interest!

April-2013-----We have just reached our 1st anniversary in creating this very large Canton website. To date, we have not promoted its existence but, a few people have seen it. We are nearing the point when we will announce this site; however, there will be some sections still "under construction". Please return frequently to see the curators’ progress.

In the last 3 months we have completed these museum galleries:

All Canton Forms (220 forms with pictures and details)

Very Rare/Unique Canton Forms (42 forms)

Tops & Bottoms (18 pages)

Repaired Canton (3 pages)

Mixed Pattern (3 forms)

"Non Canton" Canton (6 forms)